What is Hanayome-noren? (English )
2009 / 05 / 04 ( Mon )
Hanayome-noren is Japanese sign curtain.
Hanayome-noren Festival is performed every year for the periods from April 29 to Mother's Day along Ipponsugi street in the city of Nanao , Ishikawa prefecture.This festival becomes the sixth this year.
Hanayome means a bride, a noren means a sign curtain .
Since the late nineteenth century that is the late Tokugawa era and the Meiji era early days,Hanayome-noren is a traditional and unique curtain in this district called old Kaga feudal clan territory that contains Kaga and Ecchu and Noto.
It is an original noren created in the manners and customs of the folklife.
A bride brings it with her at the time of wedding.
The noren is hung at the entrance of a Buddhist altar room.
She participates in various ceremonies after she enteres at the entrance of the house on the wedding ceremony day.
Firstly,she passes through the noren,and she prays before the Buddhist altar of the house after each other's houses exchanged greetings.
The wedding ceremony is held after these a series of ceremonies.

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