語り部処 英語訳 第4回目
2009 / 06 / 27 ( Sat )
 しょうがないから「語り部処 英語訳」でまた暫くしのぐことにした。

 Ipponsugi Park 
 This park is filled with 90 kilos of takesumi maizumi(bamboo charcoal), which produces negative ions that are said to be good for your health. Since Nanao established a “celebration of fine fragrances” in 1992, jincho-ge flowers, gardenias, nioi-hiba flowers, goldcrests and white hollies with fine aromas were planted to honor the fragrance theme.


 Torii Soy Sauce Shop Tel 0767-52-0368
 See and learn how soy sauce is made with tools and techniques passed down from the masters, such as kettles, dregs, sheds, and cedar barrels from the Meiji Era (late 19th Century)

 鳥居醤油店 Tel 0767-52-0368

 Shirai’s Konbu and Foods from the Sea Tel 0767-53-0589
 Find out about the konbu (seaweed) trade, including the famous Kitamae- bune, a famous Japanese trading ship that stopped in Nanao to unload konbu. You can also watch a skilled konbu maker demonstrate creating thinly-sliced Oboro konbu.

 昆布・海産物処 しら井 Tel 0767-53-0589

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